Snippets - Alcoholism, Snocap, Google and PMK-HBH

  • Alcohol Brainstorm Sessions. Maloney & Fox likes to drink, and a lot. And, they like to encourage drinking during brainstorm sessions.

    I guess this takes PR to a new level of enabling? Hey, if you have a drinking problem, go work at M&F!

    Okay, I'm not a drinker, so this just seems odd to me that you would need to get people to imbibe to come up with good ideas during a brainstorming session. In a brainstorming session, every idea is a good idea, none are supposed to be shot down - so, people are able to say whatever they want. Or, that's how it's supposed to be.

    If you need alcohol to lose inhibitions, something's wrong at a higher level that people aren't comfortable there.
  • Napster goes Legit. And gets way too much press for the launch of Snocap and Shawn Fanning. Napster is dead - yes, even the new version - so can't we just move on from the story of a legit P2P network?

    But, this shows that the press is hungry for any story that has the stink of dot-com on it.
  • Speaking of the dot-com stench. Mike Manuel at Media Guerilla has a story about Google looking / not looking for an ad agency.

    I think Google is spinning, and it will be soon enough that they announce an IR firm, a PR firm and an ad agency for the whole company.

    The other day, I came across a very amatuerish banner ad for Google Desktop search on Drudge. The company needs REAL PR, IR and Advertising if it wants to stay the course. Right now, bloggers as PR people isn't going to cut it.

    UPDATE: As of 11.47 AM PST, O'Dwyer's is reporting that "Google has brought in Los Angeles-based CarryOn Comms to handle PR for the search giant's enterprise unit."
  • IPG's PMK in Crisis. Not surprising that after the firing of Leslee Dart that clients have been dropping like flies at PMK-HBH, but to have it broadcast in the NY Post Page Six - the bible for publicists - can't be a good thing.

    Oh, and IPG, Dart's been gone for about two weeks now - it's time to update the Website contact information.