PR and Disaster Relief

Nothing brings out the press releases like a natural disaster. Every company jumps in, and touts their charitable work and how much they are doing for the victims.

But, I have always been of the opinion that charity is supposed to be anonymous, to not benefit from the misfortunes of others. It's the philosopher in me.

PrimeZone is offering free wire distribution for companies assisting in the aid efforts. And, here's the list of all the companies that have put out press releases on Business Wire and PRNewswire. Heck, even Linkin Park got into the act.

Don't get me wrong - this is wonderful that the corporate world is going out there to raise much needed money. But, I feel dirty reading about all of this - as if there's an ulterior motive. When I worked in LA, a client's founder did a lot of great charitable work in the city, and for Holocaust victims ... he refused to ever use his charitable work to publicize his company. I agreed with him, but others in the office viewed him as a fool.

In my own way to help the Tsunami victims, I have added a button that links to Doctors Without Borders.

No, I am not going to send out a press release about this.