New Comments Policy!! And new name!!

First, well, the birth was over a year ago, so I decided to change it the blog name to "Musings from POP! Public Relations." Not much of a change, but it works.

And, hey, look over to the side ... I have a new comment policy! This is in response to the past week...

This is not a public forum, this is My Blog.

This is very much my personal place. Please act as if you were a guest in my home, and I will treat as one.

Opposing views are welcomed.

I will, however, delete your comment if you descend into personal attacks, excessive profanity, mouth-foaming hatred, or other such immature behavior that I deem “unacceptable in my home.”

Please craft your contribution accordingly.
I want to thank Greg Brooks of Engage for forwarding me the comment policy from Photodude - which I used as a base for my policy - and I want to thank Ben Silverman of PR Fuel for his advice, and his response that "the people giving you shit are a bunch of clowns, tell them to go back to work, or the unemployment line."