Must Reads: John Paczkowski

Since 1996, the SJ Mercury News has been printing Good Morning Silicon Valley.

GMSV is an original blog - a newsletter that was a compendium of tech stories around the Web, that is emailed to its readers. It's a great, quick read and captures what's going on in the Valley in a fun, snarky way.

I've been subscribing to the SJ Mercury News' Good Morning Silicon Valley as long as I can remember. And, each newsletter - well, its a blog newsletter before blogs came around - ends with a technolust item from John.

Today he wants Shock Tanks. In the past, he's asked for special edition iPods, dogs and dog toys, plus some HUGE ticket items and just some regular PR schwag.

I wrote to him the other day - I always wondered if anyone sent him his requests. It seems like a pretty no-brainer PR move, that would at least generate goodwill and a laugh. From my email interview ....

You think someone actually offered to send me the custom A320 Airbus?


I've gotten a few corporate t-shirts (in "trade" for SV shirts of course), but that's about it. Someone once claimed they sent me caffeinated soap, but sadly I never received it. I wish I had though, it would have come in handy - especially this week when I'm flying solo with twin 3-year olds.

It's worth noting though that occasionally when I ask for something particularly dear -- say the Treo 650 -- I get e-mails from people asking me to send them any extras I might receive. As if PalmOne would send me case of Treos...