Market Wire responds ...

In a post last week, I wrote about the business of the wire services, in particular Business Wire and Market Wire.

Yesterday, I received an email from Market Wire's SVP of Sales, Michael Shuler. Seems like a nice guy and I wanted to give him a fair shake, and pinged him to see if it'd be okay to post part of his response to my blog.

You should be aware that Market Wire is profitable and growing quite rapidly. The Company is currently expanding its sales and sales support teams and is well positioned to continue to take significant market share away from BW and PRN over the coming years. As a result, I expect you will see the wire service industry change dramatically, and you will see Market Wire profit from this change. BW's recent decision to drop their annual "membership" fee is just the start of this evolution.
I thought it'd be the decent thing to do. You're the reader, though, so you can make up your own mind on what is what in the wire industry right now...



  1. Bravo to Michael Shuler for finding your piece, engaging you, and then allowing you to quote his mail to you. In my opinion, with an attitude like his and his openess to voices soft and loud, you have to give the man a lot of credit. In my article about Effective PR Blogging, I discuss word-of-mouth marketing. Getting yourself out there and saying smart things as a vessel for your company or organization is always a smart idea. Universities have been doing it for centuries to great effect and so is Shuler.

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