Censoring blogs while hyping blog technology?

Here's an oddity to mull during lunch.

I wrote about FH Out Front this week. I track my blog with Sitemeter, and for a few days, I was one of the top 5 results returned for both "FH Out Front" and Ben Finzel in Google.

Now, the POP! PR blog doesn't even show up in the results. Is Google censoring its results so I don't even show up anymore?

Weird. I think I hear the black helicopters coming ....



  1. You are probably not imagining things. The engines jiggle the algorithms around now and again and it wreaks havoc on the results.

    They also have people checking sites to make sure you are not trying to cheat the system by plugging in words to enhance your site's result rankings.

    It happened to a friend of mine, but went back to normal after awhile.