• Graffiti is hip. Nothing says street cred and keeping it real more than ... corporate greed. Corporations get "hip" with graffiti inspired products. From the WSJ.
  • Just because I know ya, doesn't mean I like ya! From the WSJ, an interesting article that highlights the relation between reputation and recognition. I think it shows that communications needs to pull in all aspects of a corporation when working on reputation management: advertising, marketing and public relatoins.
  • Honesty is so overrated! The argument amongst marketers whether online marketing should be transparent or not. In other words, can we set-up fake blogs to fool the public, or would that be bad?

    I'll go out on a limb on this one. It's not great, but it happens alot, and I have been approached by a guerilla marketing firm for a similar campaign.

    But, it's cool to take advantage of young kids to push your message.
  • PR suffers from a perception issue. On the heels of the "publicites" article, Tom Murphy (the man who inspired Snippets) has a must-read on how PR needs to work together to change its image, and what is required to do PR.

    I think that part of that outreach and education should be the PR bloggers, but it's obvious to me that some PR bloggers aren't really blogging on PR, but just random issues, while others are trying to build a bridge to the public, raise issues in PR.
  • Let's start a catalogue! eBay, to capture the Holiday spirit - and sales - has launched a Holiday catalogue.

    I love the idea, but am confused. How can you have a catalogue for stuff that's auctioned? eBay is not like an auction house - things go up and off the site so quickly. And how did they choose the products?

    But, once again, I think it's a great idea, a way to think offline for an online venture. Why Amazon stopped doing their Holiday catalogue is beyond me.
  • Speaking of Amazon ... Amazon is looking for new PR firms to do Holiday outreach.

    According to the PRWeek article: is embarking on a comprehensive PR review, throwing three of its key contracts up for grabs in time for the holidays.

    Holiday outreach begins in July for the six-month lead time that the monthlies work on. If you are doing Holiday outreach, there's no better ROI than the Gift List.

    To be searching for a new firm in the middle of the Holiday season seems like an odd timing choice - unless it's a "come to Jesus" tactic to light a fire under the current firms' collective butts, to get them to do a huge push for the Holiday season (which really has started already).

    But, since the firms won't be named until January, the article is a bit misleading.



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