• A conversation from yesterday:
    Me: there's been no movement on the NHL huh?
    Friend: not that I've seen. It's sad
    Me: there's been no press, which is sadder
    Friend: true

    It's sad that nothing has happened with the NHL, and sadder that no one seems to care. I love hockey, I love watching NHL games, and I haven't thought about the season much at all. Good way to lose the fan base.

    The AHL, though, have been making a push to try to reach the hockey-loving public, and keep interest alive. The Cleveland Barons played the Edmonton Roadrunners in San Jose.
  • Coke ups its marketing budget. Adding another $350-$400 million to marketing and brand extension.

    Coke is stagnant right now, and needs to up its buzz. Hopefully, this infusion will be more than just a cash infusion, but creative and compelling marketing efforts.
  • Well, it's not just Coke that's trying to revive stagnant brands. Others, such as Frito-Lay, are also pushing money into marketing programs, but like the caveat above, throwing money at a problem of stagnating brands is not enough to increase consumerism.

    It's about strategy and tactics and different ideas. You know, the foundation of good communications and public relations. ;)

    Seth Godin is also mentioned in the NYT article - he cites Whole Foods as a good marketing machine, creating desire for products that had no market. I wish that he had given some examples on how Coke or Frito Lay could get more value for their marketing dollars, though.
  • I love redheads.

    The list includes a good friend (who's now married), an ex (well, she was an auburn redhead) and some actresses that I will never meet.

    But, this is just weird. A female Ronald McDonald from Japan, advertising the McGrand Tomato.
  • Pushing the ad into the online game. It is all about reaching the target audience, and this is one great way to do it. Of course, the chance for advertisers to totally ruin the online game, and alienate the audience, is very great.

    It's that happy middle ground, that will most likely be violated.
  • NSDA becomes the ABA. From O'Dwyer's, the Nationall Soft Drink Association pulls the smart PR move by changing its name to the American Beverage Association.

    According to the group, the reason was due to "the increasing sales of bottled water, sports drinks, and diet soft drinks, and the introduction of thousands of new non-alcoholic beverages into the U.S. last year."

    Or, to be more blunt, because of the obese epidemic in the United States - in both adults and children - it makes more sense to drop the soft drink moniker, and go with the more encompassing term, beverage.
  1. As much of a fan as I am of redheads (clearly, being one), that female Ronald McDonald freaks me out. Not just because of the red hair, but the fact that it's a female. That's just odd.

  2. By the way, did I tell you snippets is my favorite?
    You must be a great thing to be ABLE to kick just your marketing budget up by that many millions of dollars. unreal.
    Also, in the Auburn area (I'm sure other places in Ala. as well) Coke did a promotional thing where you could win tickets to the Iron bowl (Auburn vs. Alabama) I'm sure you don't know since you're not from here...It is huge. We hate each other. Alabama is white trash. Sorry....had to.
    The point of all this is....I didn't see much about the whole ticket thing....the only way I knew about it is because I happened to actually look at the box one day while I was opening it and saw the contest on it. You think as big as tailgating and football is around these parts there would have been some kind of huge campaign relating to that. Not much.
    Next on my list...
    Oh. the female Ronald Mcdonald. I'm all for women's rights but there are just some things men do better than we do (and vice versa) for the love of god leave Ronald a man. That totally freaked me out.
    one more thing.
    coke could really be hitting on the Dasani water now with the "obese" society thing. All I drink is Dasani, it's the best. Other people should to. Just a thought. Have a great week Jeremy!


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