• Backlash against the FCC. "At press time, ABC stations owned by Cox Television, Citadel Communications, Belo Corp., Hearst-Argyle and Scripps Howard Broadcasting, among others, had declined to air the 1998 Academy Award-winning movie. They say they're afraid the film's scenes of extreme violence and intense adult language will lead to sanctions by the Federal Communications Commission under its new, supersize anti-indecency standards."

    I think this is called "chicken" with the FCC, a little bit of payback for the way that FCC has been behaving in a conservative administration.
  • Hard liquor and driving. Okay, the real story is that NASCAR is lifting the ban on hard liquor sponsorship.

    This is a hard call - NASCAR presents itself as a family sport. But they already allow for beer and malt liquor sponsorships - why isn't there a Colt .45 car? - and this is a logical next step.
  • Magazines are getting funky. But, only in shape, to get noticed by the magazine buying public. We aren't supposed to judge books by their covers, but we are with magazines.
  • The little horsey that could. Or not. A fun (or sad) story about Haru Urara, and 8-year old thoroughbred that lost her 100th race this winter. The horse, whose name means Glorious Spring, has become a national hero in Japan for never giving up. Cute story on never giving up, and that everyone loves a loveable loser.