• Old Skool Road Trip! It's the 30th anniversary of Shandwick International (not that newfangled Weber Shandwick), and there's a reunion in place for London. So, for those that would like to fund a POP! PR trip for two to London for the event, please give me a call. The reunion Web site even has the old Shandwick logo.

    If I don't get to London, there is talk about a NY reunion as well.
  • Barney the White House dog rocks. One of the funniest, and cutest things I've seen come out of the White House. It's a very humanizing way to portray a man many think of as evil.

    Plus, that dog is just so damn cute. And, it reminds me that I always wanted to take my second dog, Spencer, to see and play in the snow.
  • Maxim is for grown-ups. No, really, it is. Well, at least that's what the new ad campaign is trying to portray the magazine as - a non-laddie magazine, but for men that care about their appearance and um, like girls and video games.

    They also have a Website to have Man considered an endangered species.
  • Firefox 1.0 Officially is Released Today. From the Boston Globe article comes the best quote: They're harnessing the power of community on the Web, like the Howard Dean thing.

    Um, Dean lost. He never got the DNC nomination, so not sure if that's the analogy that Firefox wants out there.

    I use both IE and Firefox. I like Firefox a lot - the tabs are great - but some programs just don't work in it. Therefore, I go back and forth between the two products.
  • Flackster likes to write. A lot. A looooooong piece of Flackster about the potential perils of corporate blogging.

    He has a great list of things to stop and think of before hitting the publish button. First, naturally, being to "stop and think." Also there's no shame in kicking a question to the right contact at the company, and not to field press/analyst questions, but pass them on to the PR team.

    It's a good read - go check it out.



  1. *grin* Hey, it was that last paragraph in your interview that did it. When he checked his media list and didn't have any minority press contacts, I checked my blogroll and found very few. I appreciate the lesson. Just trying to give due diligence to the students. :) Thanks.