• Best TV show on the air. Okay, best comedy. It's an interesting article, though, that highlights the instant need to build an audience. So shows are slower growers - Cheers, Friends, Seinfeld - that need to find their audience. Seinfeld was always "too NY" or "too Jewish" for mainstream America to like, but they did. Arrested Development is going to be the same way - a slow build.
  • Read Books, Get Brain. Akademics hip-hop clothing line uses lingo to push it's message. Get Brain is street lingo for get head, and well, NY MTA is not too happy that their buses were rolling around with that message. From O'Dwyer's, 5WPR is handling the crisis campaign since the story broke.
  • I decided that the Auburn class needs to buy me this T-Shirt. It's like $2 per student, and I think it would be fun to watch them cringe buying it. I'm a Medium/Large, it should be long-sleeved, and I do like fuschia or purple.
  • PR Fuel slaps down POP! PR. Well, actually, Ben disagrees that it was a totally bad thing that the PR people didn't comment on camera for the PBS Frontline show. Ben has a good point: the average person does not want to know (and is probably better off not knowing) that about 80 percent of what's read in newspapers and magazines are PR generated (okay, that's a statistic an old mentor gave me, so no verification on the number - you have any verification, Professor Robert?)
  • Bring back Dave! Wendy's got rid of the creepy Mr. Wendy's. My thought is bring back Dave, but in a cartoon form, like Colonel Sanders!



  1. Hey! I found another Arizona person :D

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  2. And all along I was under the impression that you continued to mention our class (Auburn) because you were impressed by our blogs and liked us...but now i see. All you really wanted was a t-shirt. I will convince the class to chip in for the shirt, if you convince Robert to give us all a "A", its a win-win situation

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  4. Jeremy,
    I'll buy you this.

  5. Thought you'd appreciate that.