• From Paid Content, Corante is supplying 4 tech blogs to ZDNet. Well, not really supplying as much as writing and partnering. When people talk about blog publishing, they always mention Gawker Media and Weblogs, Inc. - they're wrong to forget about Corante, the quietly building powerhouse.
  • Intel and Microsoft target the living room. This is going to be a hard sell to the public, methinks. But, that's just because I have to deal with my parents for computer issues, and think of all the fun it will be when the computer controls the media center. Already, my Mom isn't allowed to touch the stereo, so this should be real fun. Plus, it's not like Windows ever crashes.
  • I love Woot! And, I guess, so does Weblogs, Inc. Well, they like the Woot ad buy, but it's still a pretty interesting concept. On any of the Weblogs blogs, there's a small top banner advertisement - very unintrusive, well integrated - that is a new product every day. It's a creative impulse buying operation.