• Emerging Corporate Blogs - and it ain't the CEO's blog. Kevin Dugan writes that the best instances for corporate blogging are: internal comm, event blogging and product blogs. Beyond the intranet/internal blog, the best opportunity (to me) are product blogs. Of course, this means doing it right, and we all know that doesn't always happen (Dr. Pepper Raging Cow anyone?)
  • Ellen Rocks. Turns out DeGeneres is a great talk show, is a funny woman, and should have never been blackballed by a hypocritical Hollywood for coming out of the closet. She was always one of the funnier stand-up comics, and her persona on her show is the real deal. Not like the fake-nice Rosie.
  • O'Dwyer's puts info outside the password firewall. Visitors to the site can now access the databases of more than 400 PR firms and 1,500 PR service firms. Auburn folk, this is a great resource for resume blasting! GO, GO, GO!!
  • Greatest American Hero coming to DVD! I remember that I missed the first episode because I was at a stupid school play. Damn school. Okay, not PR related, but tv shows to DVD is a huge growing business, and a great way to reach that audience that loved your show.
  • Crossfire becomes more irrelevant. To show that Carlson and Begala weren't intimidated by Jon Stewart calling them out for being, well, useless, they dynamic duo brings on Triumph, the Comic Insult Dog. Great - just the way to raise your level of journalistic integrity.
  • Go Vote. Or Don't Vote.

    I'm not here to tell you who I endorse. I'm sure you don't care, just like I didn't care about other bloggers' endorsements.

    I'm not here to tell you to vote.

    You're all adults that are responsible enough to do what you want to do, and that includes the freedom not to vote.

    Oh, and I voted two weeks ago :-)

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  1. *grin* Re: the resume avalanche ... they did, Jeremy. (and still are, I imagine) Thanks for the tip. The students really appreciated it!


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