Google launches POP email

While deleting the Gmail trash, I found that Google GMail rolled out POP access today. Nice and silent of them.

Here's the instructions on setting it up!

Why does this matter? For one, I prefer using Outlook or Outlook Express for email. I have my Hotmail accounts (and now Gmail account) on Outlook Express, and my POP! PR email on Outlook. It's all integrated into X1, so I am able to find any message in any of my accounts in about 10 seconds.

Now, I still have 5 Gmail accounts, and I offered them to the Auburn bloggers. Why is it important to have a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo email account? Because a corporate email account is just that - a corporate email. There should be no private conversations that take place on the corporate account, and for job searches, you need an easily accessible account that can POP into Outlook, etc.

Thankfully, Gmail is now one of those email accounts - accessible online or via an Email program.
  1. How are you able to access your hotmail account from Outlook? That would be great for me to do at home! Is there a Web site that you can direct me to that shows me how to set it up? Thanks!

  2. Indeed, they didn't say much when they rolled out POP for Gmail. I only found out about it thanks to a blogging friend (who incidentally is the one who invited me to Gmail in the first place, back in May).


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