Corporate Blog, Published by Your PR Firm!

From the good folks that are the NewsMarket comes their first blog: NewsBluntly.

Clever name, and the blog presents itself as the "blunt news about broadcast journalism." Or, at least as blunt as a VNR firm can be.

According to the news release issued by The NewsMarket, though,

NewsBluntly features original content by authoritative media writers that will inform and entertain broadcast-news staffers with succinct, droll riffs on major - and not so major - "inside-the-newsroom" stories.
There are no biographies of these writers, so it's a little hard to figure out who they are. However, if you scroll down to the bottom of the NewsBluntly blog, you'll find that ... it's published by Plesser Associates.

Now, according to my favorite Website,, one of the definitions of published is: To be the writer or author of published works or a work.

In this case, is that who the writers and authors of NewsBluntly are? Is it Plesser? Who - if not PR people - are better authorities on media? Our job is to interact with the media, so we should have some insight into the industy.

If it is Plesser, this opens up a whole new area of business for PR firms, and might be what the W2 Group and other firms are setting themselves up as. The PR firm of the future is not just about public relations, media relations and analyst relations, but about online blogging relations to the point that we're not just monitoring and counseling a client on a corporate blog, but "publishing" the blogs for our clients.

Oh what a tangled Web we weave ...



  1. Dear Jeremy,

    I am contacting you in regards to a correction that needs to be made on your blog post about NewsBluntly. I have also contacted WebProNews, who linked to your blog. Since have not made your Email address public, this is my only means of getting in contact with you.

    On Monday, we released a press release about the NewsBluntly blog, that is published by Plesser Associates for our client The NewsMarket. While we publish the blog, no one from our public relations firm writes for it and I am not clear on where the association came from. My name is listed on the bottom of the release because I am the press contact; now here in the release does it say that I am a blogger or am writing the material. The writers/bloggers are in fact two hired professionals, Aaron Altman and Tom Grunick (as you can see on the site and the posts to the blog).

    I am the publicist who designed the site (Web coding, lay-out, etc), but that is all. I would appreciate a correction on your site.

    Thank you for your time and I hope that we can get this resolved. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


    Nicole Erazo /

  2. Hello Nicole:

    My email address is public on my blog. On the left-hand side of the blog is a “Contact Me” section with an email address, a link to the firm, as well as a way to contact me via Skype.

    I feel that your comment on the post should give the reader your point of view, and alleviate any misperceptions that my posting might have.

    The post on WebProNews was not written by me, but by another blogger, Steve Rubel of Micropersuasion. In my post – which you commented on – I note that there are no biographies of the authors of the blog, but that the blog is being published by Plesser. According to, one of the definitions of publish is to be the writer of published work, and the next paragraph asks if this is the case.

    I then take the point that if it is Plesser – I do not state that it is Plesser, but if it is Plesser – that there might be the chance that this is a new arena that firms are going to get involved with.

    I hope this clarifies things.


  3. Dear Jeremy,

    I contacted Steve Rubel and am awaiting a response. I just wanted to clarify things on behalf of our firm and The NewsMarket and I appreciate your acknowledgement of my concern.

    The first definition of publishing of is: to prepare and issue (printed material) for public distribution or sale, which is what we did for our client. Preparing a publication, in this case a blog, does not mean that we wrote it. I will take your advice of creating bios of the writers into consideration so that there is less confusion to visitors on the NewsBluntly site.

    Again, thank you for your time.


    Nicole Erazo / contact