Blog Clipping and Squirrels

Blog search and clipping for PR is heating up. CyberAlert has launched BlogSquirrel which will scan 100K+ blogs for client mentions. They are joining the field with Blabble (which I have used in the past, and like), while Factiva has been working on blog searching as well.

And, ironically, I have been working on getting an interview with Factiva but apparently a PR blog isn't a worthy outlet for a new blog search tool. I love it - a PR blogger wants to talk to them about a PR tool for blogs, but can't get anywhere with their PR agency.

Why make such a big deal about searching blogs, if you aren't going to reach out to that very audience? Both Blabble and BlogSquirrel did reach out to PR bloggers - I know, because I was contacted by both companies.

It's like the other horror stories I have read about in the blogosphere - PR agencies just not getting it.