War Eagle!

Okay, I really don't know what War Eagle means, but it must be an Auburn football thing. Tigers, eagles ... okay, I see the connection. They take their football very seriously down in Alabama.

Auburn public relations and multimedia professor, Robert French, blogs. His blog, infOpinions has some pretty witty and fun commentary on the world, as well as things he points out to his students.

Plus, he's said some nice things about me in the past.

But, what I really think is cool of Robert - although his students might disagree - is that he requires his students to blog. Some have been more diligent about the project, others have been lagging, and others, it seems, don't realize that this is part of their grade.

I have been reading his students' blogs off and on, and kept meaning to blog about them. I've had a few email conversations with Robert - kids, listen to him, take his advice, he seems like he'd be a great mentor! - about my perceptions about his students, and misperceptions.

While reading, I have gone and commented on stories that they have posted. I enjoy reading their blogs, because it takes me back to school daze, which were a lot of fun. I enjoy reading their blogs, because its so Southern genteel at times - I just can't really relate to Seniors talking about engagements, or marriage plans.

One caveat I have for the students is that it's the Internet - nothing ever disappears on the Internet because of Google caching of sites. So check spelling, don't get overly personal or quirky, but remember that anyone can be viewing these blogs.

I found his students' projects through Jessica's Blog, who wrote that she didn't like me, then felt bad that I read that post. Which, truthfully, still gets me to smile.

For firms: if you are looking for junior staff for your firm, I would suggest you check out the talent. Here they are blogging - getting a taste of the next stage in public relations - and they all seem to be hard workers, with internships. An agency could do worse, and trust me, I've seen worse.

For others: go visit the student blogs. Post comments, answer their questions, help them get more involved, and see that there is some hope for PR in the future.

  1. Jeremy, thank you for your kind words and interest in our little class project. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. We appreciate your interest and feedback.

    So far, the 'experiment' has had mixed results - mostly positive. The best part, from my point of view, is that the students have developed an awareness of blogs. They are reading blogs - mostly PR blogs. And, they are beginning to think of 'the blog' as one more 'tool' or 'tactic' to consider for future PR activities. They have also, by installing their own WordPress blog, seen how easy it can be to implement one.

    I love my students and appreciate their willingness to give this a try.

    I really appreciate the interest and time you have shared with the students. Your help in 'spreading the word' may well lead others to visit their blogs and light a fire under them. I know they will appreciate the job reference, too. *grin* So, thank you very much.

    As for "War Eagle", Amanda is right - but, there are actually many variations on the story. For more info on two of Auburn's 'icons', you can visit War Eagle: Fact or Fable and Tales from Toomers Corner. To see just what it is we do at Toomers Corner, visit Toomers Corner Live.

    Thank you, Jeremy! Take care and War Eagle!


  2. Hi Jeremey! This is Tricia, my blog was the one you said was quirky. I happen to love my pug! Sorry you thought it was quirky, but I was just trying to get used to posting pictures. That picture was the first thing I ever did on my own in photoshop, so I was kind of excited about it. I had fun, anyway. Thanks for the feedback, and happy birthday. Mine is the 22nd.
    Tricia Brock

  3. Hey Jeremy. My name is Lolani and I am part of the blogging class at Auburn. You left me a comment a while back about a quote I had in my blog. (I am California Bell) You asked who wrote the quote and well I don't know, it is in a book of quotes I have at home. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Thanks for taking an interest in our blogs. West Coast love to ya.

  4. Hi Jeremy, this is Jessica. To switch things up I thought I would comment in your blog. Robert mentioned it was your b-day so hope you have a good one, and thanks for all of the feedback and recent publicity you have given me and my peers. Happy Birthday and WAR EAGLE!

  5. Happy birthday Jeremey. I hope you have a good one! Thanks again for mentioning us in your blog, its nice that someone who isn't Robert (God love him) or our classmates is commenting on them. Anywayhave a great day today!

  6. A happy birthday wish from Auburn University! Have a super day!

  7. Happy Birthday Jeremy! My name's Leah and I'm a student in Robert's class. I really appreciate you looking in on our blogs. It's nice knowing people are actually out there reading them. Thanks for your kind words about us :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  8. Jeremy,

    This is Laura from one of Robert's Style and Design classes. Just wanted to wish you a very belated birthday! I hope you had a great day. I also wanted to thank you for visiting our blogs, it's nice to know that someone is looking in on them! Thanks again and Happy Belated Birthday!

  9. Jeremy,
    Thank you so much for the encouragement in my blog regarding my website. The flash project is pretty rough, but I'm learning.

    I did create a website today for my Public Relations Campaigns class that I think is a little nicer (http://www.auburn.edu/~ellioel/aub/home.html). The campaign is still in it's initial stages, so naturally, the website is as well (hence why some of the links don't work yet), but it's more representative of what I want to do after graduation. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

    I think Robert is starting to get a little concerned because I've been in the computer lab far too much the past two days! We're looking into counseling for my addiction...

    Hope all is well with you.
    War Eagle,

  10. Hi Jeremy! My name is Lindsey and I go to Auburn. I am in one of Robert's classes and I am very new to the blogging experience. I hope to learn more about it soon though. I am so glad that Robert is trying to get us to talk to such interesting people. It is refreshing that people have taken such an interest in us. I just wanted to say thanks and I love your blog - it is fun and colorful! I hope to be blogging with you soon. WAR EAGLE!

  11. Well it would seem a little trite to wish you a happy birthday now after reading all the other comments but who am I to be different... so happy late birthday!

    With that said I wanted to thank you for your continuous efforts to read our many "beginners blogs" and take the time to comment on them. Seeing as though this is a new adventure for most of us, I am sure sometimes reading them all is like sifting through mud! I must admit I am glad I wasn't highlighted in your post as "quirky" or as a "typically college senior" but as I discussed with Robert I like your willingness to tell it like it is. After all this is the real world and if we can't take practical criticism for our own good, how will we progress.

    I am sure, like most others in the class, I am truly beginning to appreciate the subtle art of blogging and the effect it will have on my Public Relations career. (Even if it takes me back to the Military)
    However, as much of Roberts time as I absorb during class, just for feedback, it is especially nice to
    hear feedback from an outsiders of the class! So far I think you are the main one to make this effort
    to get us out in the public eye so to speak. So thanks again!

    As for "War Eagle" I think you can read all the history you want, but to truly understand the idea of
    yelling "War Eagle" at a football game who's mascot is a Tiger... well that can only be appreciated from being right in the middle of the excitement and feeling the pulse we call Auburn Pride!

    Thanks again for all your help and I look forward to more comments from you in the future!

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