• If you're a Bostonian, or in the area on November 11th, check out the Boston Panel Discussion on Blogging. Looks like a good group of bloggers, and should be really good info for those that want to learn more. And, congrats to the BoSox.
  • Publicity is always so interesting. The former publicist for Tatum and Ryan O'Neill sent out a press release to say that he has "no comment" on Tatum's Book, A Paper Life. If he hadn't sent that release, well, I guess he wouldn't have been able to coast and get some publicity for his firm.
  • Dan Forbush, of Profnet fame, has pushed MediaInsider as a blog-only onto the scene. Publicity is always so interesting. Maria Perez - a very nice, funny woman who's from Spain - is the day-to-day overseer of the content. Tell her I said hi, and to buy a plant, for Pete's sake!
  • Tons of technology magazines are re-launching, just to give us a case of the willies, or deja vu. One of the two. So, say hello to Red Herring Pt II, Always On (or Red Herring original people, Pt II), The Deal ... oh, there are probably more, I just haven't read about them yet.

    Let's hope none are asinine enough to the play the roof party game that one dot-com publication (that thought it was a standard to something) liked to do all the time.

    Never did understand why they just didn't transition them into roof jumping parties when the times imploded.
  • And, just a reminder, photos on the Internet tend to be there forever. Not something you want to show the grandkids in 50 years, Blogger goats, is it?



  1. Thanks for the review, Jeremy. I guess we have something else in common. We both find a 'guh-zillion' things we want to write about - so we 'collect' them. *grin* Only, you seem to find better stuff! Aaarrrrgggghhhh!!! ;o)