It's About Content

Today's NY Post has a gossip piece with Ted Turner lamenting that "The Cartoon Network is drawing three times the ratings of CNN — what does that mean?"

Just a guess ... how about that Cartoon Network has better programming than CNN? That Cartoon Network has evolved and continues to change, while CNN lost its footing and is stagnant and boring? That Cartoon Network has pushed the envelope with Adult Swim and other programming, and that CNN tries too hard to stay impartial and trots out Larry King as cutting edge?

I love CNN. I have a lot of formative child memories that involve CNN and CNN Headline News, such as the explosion of the Challenger. I remember rushing home that day from school, and watching CNN Headline News for updates.

I love Cartoon Network's Adult Swim - Aqua Teen Hunger Force rules! - and that the channel develops quirky programming that reaches key demograhics.

But the fact is that CNN lost its footing and is trying to regain what it once had as first to market.

It's actually a great analogy for dot-com firms. It used to be that first-to-market was the most important thing on the Internet. Now, it's a combination of content and timing. CNN had the timing, but lost the content along the way.