The death of reality shows?

A while back, I read on some blog - give me some slack, it was a while ago - that hopefully Mark Cuban would do for the reality show hype what he did to the dot-com era: kill it.

Well, looks like the Cuban touch has worked again: reality shows are taking a hit in the ratings.

Now, understand that I like Cuban. I watched his first episode, and got bored, but I don't like reality shows. But, Cuban has done very well for himself, he is the personification of the American dream - work hard, you can do well.

I would love to be on the Apprentice, and if I was going to be fired, stop Trump and say "You, sir, are no Mark Cuban. I quit." - would make for some great tv, wouldn't it?

But, I am soooo glad to see this reality fad ending soon (or at least I'm hoping it ends soon). I like sitcoms, I like dramas, I can't stand reality shows - I find them overly vapid, and if someone is watching them, I want to scream.

And, I'm quite proud to say that I have never seen an episode of Survivor or American Idol.

For the PR take: reality shows were bad for PR, as they pushed paid product placements to the forefront of television, and blurred the line between entertainment and news.