Birthday Week!

Well, it's my birthday this week, on October 21. This means I'm a Libra, and as I was told when I was 14, that means I will eventually crack from the injustice in the world. For those that know me, this isn't a shock.

What it also means is that I take a long time to make a decision, then stick with it, and it's usually the right one.

These same friends have called me up and said - um, we know you, but no clue what to get you.

My Amazon Wish list is under the contacts on the right-hand side. It's a great eclectic mix - go try to figure out who I am by my requests :-)

For instance, the Ralph Lauren Pink Pony is because I worked on the breast cancer stamp. Go buy those stamps!!

I expect e-cards from my readers :-)



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  2. Hi Jeremy:
    Happy Birthday to You!! I live in New York and I also started my own PR biz this summer, so I can seriously relate to your blog. And my brother is also a Libra, so we are practically family!!! (Joking!!!!) Seriously, my very best on your special day and lots of luck with the biz- it's super-tough doing your own thing, but also worth it.
    And check out my own blog at!!

  3. Oh, come on, Jeremy. Maverick wants to know what Emily said!

  4. Okay, Maverick.

    Emily was actually comment spam, trying to get people to click on her link to get a free flat screen TV.

    I can use my blog for BDay gifts, but I'm not gonna let others use it to get a free TV!!

  5. Happy Birthday Jeremy! Thank you for commenting in our blogs at Auburn and have a fantastic rest of the week. I generally celebrate my "birth-month," which always works out well for me, I'd advise you try it! I checked out your birthday wish-list, very interesting...I have the Burt Bacharach Collection, The Look Of Love. Definitely great. Eclectic would be the right word to describe your list, you have great taste in movies and music!

    Happy Birthday and War Eagle!

  6. (belated) Happy Birthday!

    -david who could use that flat screen TV