Biotech Blogging

There are a ton of blogs that I read throughout the day, to get a feel for what's happening in certain industries.

In public relations, the blogs I first read are: PR Opinions, Corporate PR, Shel Holtz and PR Fuel. My fun little FeedDemon feed has 62 PR and marketing blogs that I am reading - and some blogs that I have begun to ignore - but I always make sure to hit those 4 first. I find them to be the most impartial reads, blogging about PR and not self-promotional GIGO.

The PR blogs are the second read at the end of the day - the first read is my favorites, which include Silicon Valley Watch, Dan Gillmor, Chris Nolan and Giga Om.

I also read Gina Smith's BIOTECH. Gina's blog is a great aggregator of different articles. There was a bit of a slowdown while she took over the CEO spot at a new company, but it's good to see that she's blogging again.

And, the latest news is that her book, that she had been working on, is finally coming out. The book is The Genomics Age (DNA in plain English), or as I like to think of it - Biotech for Dummies. I have added it to my Amazon Wish list - and this is my birthday month - but I'm also hoping for a signed copy of the book. Hey, Gina's on my crush list, so what can I say?
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