Straight from NY ... it's Denver's PR program

The city of Denver, and it's Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. has gone out and hired a New York-based PR firm to promote the city.

According to PR Week,

The EDC, which is affiliated with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, chose New York-based economic-development specialist Development Counsellors International (DCI) for national media relations.

Okay, this is bone of contention for me. It doesn't just apply to the Denver EDC, but to corporations in Arizona that go to LA, SF or NY to hire a public relations firm. There are plenty of capable of public relations firms in the Phoenix area - no, I'm not just talking about POP! PR but my competition - but companies here feel that they cannot get national or international experience without leaving the state.

I would like to know why Denver had to go to New York to get a PR firm. Are there no firms in Denver with the national experience needed to get the job done for the Denver EDC, especially in a campaign that is to bring jobs and companies to the city - it just seems like Denver would want a Denver-based PR firm to sing the praises of ... Denver.



  1. Actually, DCI has partnered with Linhart PR in Denver to help them.