MSN Names Corp VP, Global Marketing

Jane Boulware, MSN Global Marketing Posted by Hello

From MediaDailyNews, Jane Boulware, from Kimberly-Clark, is

...charged with leading the MSN brand on a global basis, overseeing the development of its consumer image, and other awareness-building efforts for MSN products and services.

In the newly created position, Boulware is tasked with making MSN the most relevant and trusted brand among consumer online services over the next five years, according to Microsoft. She is responsible for MSN's global marketing, advertising, public relations campaigns, and consumer research efforts.

Kimberly-Clark is an Edelman client, and it would be interesting to know how much interaction Ms. Boulware had with Edelman Worldwide.

Is Richard salivating at the thought of getting more Microsoft business?

Edelman Seattle already handles MSN Zone, so there already is an in with the MSFT kingdom...



  1. She was probably cute back in the 70's.