It pays to vote

Well, sorta.

From the guys that brought us Hot or Not, comes Vote or Not.

It's a great, different, ingenious grassroots campaign. No, they aren't asking people to vote for candidate W or candidate K, but merely to vote and to participate in the democratic process. And, if you are the lucky person (or person that referred the lucky person), you can win $100,000.

After I voted today in the primaries - got my sticker and everything - I realized that there must be an easier way to vote. I first went to the wrong polling place (less than 5 miles away from the other polling place). The polling place I go to apparently is at my old high school - yes, bad flashbacks happened immediately - and the best part was that there was no parking. If I was just a casual voter, I would have driven away and not voted. For the disenfranchised, it really is not easy to vote.

But, back to Vote or Not. Go make sure you are registered to vote, and then go pledge to vote and maybe win $100,000.


First read about this on Chris Nolan's Blog, Politics from Left to Right: Profit Motive. If you don't read Chris, you should check out her stuff. When I lived in the Bay, and she was at the Merc, she was a favorite read of mine.