Being charitable

As a young child, I went to a private school. The school put a heavy emphasis on doing charitable work, particularly in helping Soviet Jewry escape persecution.

Realizing that most of the kids hadn't a clue what that meant, we were also encouraged to plant trees in Israel in memory or honor of other people. There are many trees in Israel planted in honor of my first dog, Benji.

But, the whole purpose of charity is not to get recognition. We learned that you did charitable acts because you wanted to, not to get a pat on the back.

I guess the good folks at PN don't subscribe to the same school of thought, though.

On September 16th, PN sent out a release that:

Porter Novelli has made a donation to Spiransky Hospital in Moscow, one location where children are being sent for treatment and rehabilitation. The donation was coordinated by Porter Novelli's office in Moscow, R.I.M. Porter Novelli.
Of course, the amount could have been $100 USD, since they don't mention the amount.

I commend Porter Novelli for donating money to help the Beslan children attacked by terrorists. I question their motives, however, when they have to publicize the event.