Atkins Fall-Out

An American institution files for Chapter 11 protection.

Twinkies and Wonder Bread are a part of Americana. Everyone has childhood memories of both brands, and my memories of Wonder Bread are stronger because Detroit had a Wonder Bread factory downtown (which is now a casino - blech). The smell from the factory was always really good, and countered the smell of exhaust quite well.

Atkins and other low-carb diets have been hurting companies whose bread and butter is, well, bread and butter. Pasta companies have been hurting, and now Interstate Bakeries has filed Chapter 11 to protect its assets. Oh, the mishandling of accounting is also probably to blame for the filing as well.

If you are on a low-carb diet, I suggest you read this piece from the good folks at ChangeThis.



  1. Atkins was a victim of his own success by attracting competitors that out marketed him