AlwaysOn launches a new magazine ...

Back from the dead, in a roundabout way, Tony Perkins of AlwaysOn Network is launching a quarterly publication.

According to the email I just received:

AlwaysOn is launching a new quarterly magazine this winter, and you can get the first issue for FREE.

The AlwaysOn magazine will be a regularly-scheduled briefing on innovation in technology and media.

The first issue will include breakout interviews with Bill Gates, MichaelPowell, Jonathan Schwartz, Stratton Sclavos, and other top industry luminaries,plus a special section on the AlwaysOn 100 most innovative companies on the planet.

The intellectual centerpiece of the magazine will be a special Economist-like briefing that emphasizes the coolest three or four things going on in technology and media, all written by former Red Herring writers.

This should be an interesting launch - I will admit that I mostly liked Red Herring - although it seems to me that the Valley is trying way to hard to re-capture the hype of the dot-com days with the launch of an Always On magazine, the relaunch of Red Herring, among other signs.

But, hey, PR people cannot look a gift horse in the mouth. Being brutally honest, the dot-com days were good for the industry because we had various publications and outlets to pitch to, and Always On seems like it will be a good magazine to ping.

I know that I'll pitch appropriate POP! clients to the pub.