Thinking of XMas ... at 110°F

It's August. It's 106°F outside right now, and this weekend it will probably get up to 110°F.

And yet, I'm thinking about Christmas and the Holiday Gift guide season. I'm thinking XMas in July, although I am actually a month too late and am starting in August (although that's okay, really, it is).

If you pitch consumer goods, consumer electronics or fashion, you know what I am talking about . We're already pulling together the XMas press release, getting it approved, and then starting to email and fax pitches with the de rigueur phone follow-up.

And, I haven't even started about the "let's make life for the interns hell" part of the process. That's going through Bacon's or Media Map, finding target publications for the gifts, and then calling the editorial assistant and then asking who the right contact is for holiday gift guides, then writing it down and putting it together in a nice Excel document. Yes, that was my job as an intern, and now I get to make someone else's life hell.

Or not. Figuring out the hours it takes to put together an Xmas gift list, it really makes more sense for a boutique like mine to outsource this type of stuff.

No, not to India, but to The Gift List.

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It’s a great program that I used last year, and POP! Public Relations will be getting it again this year for a couple clients.

If you call Amy, let her know I sent you ;-)