Scoop - a new News tracking service

From PaidContent today comes news of Scoop.

News clipping has to be one of the more time intensive aspects of public relations, but since my intern days, it has become a lot easier.

There are already a ton of great services out there - for the free services, I use Google News, MSN's Newsbot, and Topix, and then I use Factiva for the deeper searches that I know I won't find on the Web searches. And, yes, there's eWatch and Newsprompt from PR Newswire and Lexis-Nexis out there as well, as well as other services that I haven't come across yet (feel free to add such services to the comments).

So, to me, another new News aggregator that is specifically designed for sales, marketing, and communications is a great addition to go along with the other services POP! PR uses in an every day clippings.

One big problem that I have with Scoop, though, was the credit card requirement for a guest pass. It's not much of a guest pass if you have to hand over credit card information, which is automatically billed after the trial period - what, is Scoop a dating site?

Now, I was going to try out the system for POP! Public Relations and some of its clients, but now I will stick with my old fallbacks.