The problem in offshoring

In today's InfoWorld is a very interesting article on offshoring, and specifically the problems with offshoring to India. Those pesky lack of laws can get in the way sometimes.

According to the report obtained from the Indian branch, Sudha Iyer, a recently hired 25-year-old female software engineer and resident of Jogeshwari, Mumbai, carried out the theft. Iyer used her Yahoo email account, which now allows 100 MB of free storage space, to upload and ship the copied files out of the research facility. Fortunately, Jolly Technologies detected the theft and is trying to prevent Sudha Iyer from further distributing it.

Bad PR for Yahoo!, although in a roundabout way. No real reason for Jolly Technologies to note in the press release that Iyer was using Yahoo! to steal code, though.

Bad PR for India, but something that I posted about in the past. India, like other offshoring countries, has lackluster laws that do not really protect individuals, intellectual property, or identity theft.



  1. that sounds scary. can u post something more about this incident? is it so easy to steal confidential data? and whats happening? was the data recovered and was the accused punished?

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