The FH Emperor Has No Clothes

In a bit of fun irony, or at least fun irony to me, Fleishman Hillard opens a boutique shop in Dallas.

The BC Team Posted by Hello

Why is this funny? To me, it's FH turning its back on being one of the largest conglomerate, not independent firms in the country. Plus, they already have a boutique firm that has an office in Austin, and could have just as easily opened a Dallas office (that would have nicely complemented the FH Dallas office already there - Lois Paul and Partners - unless the powers that be at FH didn't feel like the LPP name had enough street credentials to do what was needed in Dallas. Or, I guess they could have resurrected the UpStart Communications name, but that would have opened some bad wounds regarding age discrimination lawsuits in SF (oops, did I type that?)

The only reason that I can figure out that FH is starting BlueCurrent is because they are reading my blog, and saw the wonderful benefits of opening a boutique. Or, to be serious for a second, they have a conflicting potential client in Dallas, and to be able to service both ... they started a boutique. Or, I have to read between the lines a little bit and see that the two principals of the agency are former FH partners, and FH is giving them their own firm to keep them quiet, or at the least happy.

I am going to bet that BlueCurrent doesn't stick around longer than a year. Just a hunch.



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  2. Wow - great commentary on my post with "You are a dope." No argument why, or anything more telling than that.

    Once again, though, I will delete comments that have no value to the conversations or debates, and are then posted anonymously.

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  4. I used to intern with BC and I do think they may stick around for a little while. They have recently hired a few staff members and rotate interns like crazy.

    Very creative, staff is a little shaky, but it is an overall okay company.