Daum buys Lycos

As those of you that follow the Dot arena might know already, Daum Communications, a South Korea-based company, acquired Lycos from Spain's Terra - and who says that we can't all get along? An American company sold to a Spanish conglomerate sold to a South Korean conglomerate. Sorta makes me feel warm and toasty.

The PR story here is that the current AOR for Terra Lycos is Weber Shandwick Worldwide - okay, the other PR story here is that Terra sold a property that they bought for $12.5 billion for $95 million. That's a nice difference in monies.

According to the Reuters article,

Lycos remains a force on the Internet with Tripod, which allows people to build their own Web pages, and the Wired News site.

So, there is some value, and some good stories to be told from the PR front.

But, how much longer will WSW have the account? Most likely, the account will run out the year, and then it is anyone's guess. Part of the reason WSW did have the account originally was because of the agency's global network of firms, the ability to do PR for all of Terra Lycos, not just the US division.

It's not a groundbreaking story, but it should be interesting to see what happens down the line. It seems that WSW has pulled back on technology - compared to other agencies - and I wonder if Lycos fits into their overall plans.