Is Gonna Buy a PR Blogger!!

According to an article in CBS Marketwatch (that I got from the Mediabistro e-letter ... come on, where's the RSS feed for that?!?), Laurel Touby of is on a mission to make blogs pay.

As a PR blogger, this means so much to me. I have a chance to become part of a great big Web site that is for the media, if I can only get her to notice my blog over the other PR blogs out there (see my side list for examples).

I read Mediabistro, I get the Mediabistro emails. There are some good articles on the site, and I find the freelancer section interesting on pitching articles to different publications. Yes, it's for journalists to pitch stories, but, hey, we're in PR - we pitch stories too.

The CBS Marketwatch article had some interesting comments on Mediabistro and bloggers in general.

Touby said will add two more media blogs in the next four to six weeks, tracking the book publishing and newspaper industries.

A not-so-attractive business fact of life to this idea is that MediaBistro's Web logs, and bloggers in general, live off the work of others. "Blogging is a cheap way to (get) great content that people are attracted to," Touby conceded. "If I had to hire a full time cable reporter, I'd be competing with all those cable trade magazines, and it would cost me three or four times as much."

She described bloggers, like Stelter, as "riffing" off the news and information that industry magazines gather. "The trade reporters, the poor souls, are doing all the work," she said.

Fitting her comment, Ms. Touby has made a point of trying to get companies to provide their services free through her site for little more than the "prestige" of having it there. But, give her credit for being crafty.

So, if approached, would I handover the wonders of the POP! PR Blog to Mediabistro? Well, it is another revenue stream ...