It's gotta be RSS or nothing ...

Over at Micropersuasion, Steve Rubel has the full Bulldog interview with The Merc's Dan Gillmor.

I really like the end of the interview, when Gillmor goes on about how the PR industry cannot ignore the blogosphere, and that we need to pitch to blogs but to understand how to pitch to blogs. For a few POP! Public Relations clients, I have pitched blogs and have included blog relations in new business pitches.

The first part of the interview - where Gillmor talks about his letter to PR people - I disagree with some of his comments. Do I think it would behoove corpations to set-up RSS feeds in their newsrooms? Definitely, and I work with a company that has a product to do that (check out OnePress). And, I know I am in the PR blogosphere minority on this, but I think RSS only feeds are a bad thing, but here I go again ...

Email is never going to die in public relations, just like the phone has never died in PR. It's a mere fact of life.

The wonderfully great thing of RSS is that you subscribe to the feeds. With an unknown company, you really don't have that luxury to offer the RSS feed to reporters. And, beyond technology reporters, how many consumer reporters are using RSS? Geez, most entertainment PR is still done by fax, and you want to stop the email process now? It's not going to happen.

There are always going to be these early adopters, like Gillmor, that you are going to either have to cater to or ignore at your own peril, but to stop using email is something I don't see in the near future. What I do see is better email control, better PR targeting, better relationship building, better SPAM filters ... but not less email.



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