I'm not ignoring you ... I'm just not posting ;-)

The headline is somewhat of a joke, but will make sense in this post.

Like every weekday morning, I wake up and watch Bloomberg Television. It's a great way to start the morning, it's got a great balance of news, market news and a little, little bit of fluff (usually the weekend movie grosses, but that usually does it for me).

This morning, though, because of the John Kerry/John Edwards announcement, I switched over to Fox News, because, well, we all know it'd be more amusing to watch the announcement on Fox.

Now, I'm in public relations. I started my own agency, POP! Public Relations. I'm not naive about the news, and know that no person is able to keep their own personal views from their reporting, despite how much (or how little) they try.

So, watching Neil Cavuoto, waiting for his repartee on the events that had unfolded. So, Cavuoto goes right to how the market opened and gauges his comments with "not that I'm being partisan, but this is historically true" that the market drops because of Democrats. Okay, the market opens lower today, and three more times Cavuoto says that he's not being partisan, but ...

Okay, the market could have opened lower today because: three Marines were killed, oil is at $40 / barrel, it's earnings week for a few companies. Any of these are pretty good indications for a drop in the market.

The "not being partisan" was said about two many times, bringing it to a total of oh, about 20 times he said it (exaggeration). It's like the great joke, "I'm not a racist, but I hate (any ethnic minority will work)." He protested too much.

It's a simple media relations skill - if I want to reach a more conservative market, I'll pitch Fox morning. If I want more fuzzy and loving press, I'll pitch the Today show. If I want a certain demographic, I'll pitch Oprah and Ellen Degeneres ... it's pretty cut and dry.

But, come on, don't pretend to be non-partisan or that you aren't balanced toward a certain demographic. It was just kooky this morning.