Finding Employees the Google Way

As noted by the post below, Matthew Podboy from Voce Communications has a blog and he has a pretty interesting post about the funky billboard that Google is using to find people.

He put out a call to arms, on how to find the very best PR talent in an interesting way for Voce.

So, I started to write a response on his blog, but then thought it might also be good for the readers of my site to know what I think of hiring for POP! Public Relations, and what it entails.

I think interns are one of the best way to find good talent, but then again, I'm biased because I had such a great internship. But, you know how the person works, you know if they fit into the company environment and philosophy, you know their work ethic. Plus, by transferring from internship to full-time employment, I think there's a little bit more loyalty.

But, I also find it's best to use the network you have, the people you trust, to find more talent for an agency. We all have worked with talent in the past, that we would work with again in a heartbeat. My old boss at Shandwick, I have gone on record to him that I would go work with him again in a heartbeat. While we all worked very, very hard, he was a great boss. It works the other way, though, also. I know which PR people I would hire while in expansion stage for POP!, and who I would go after, no matter where they are working. It's the known qoutient, knowing that the person is a PR rock star, not a wanna be.

A great way to weed out people is to do what an agency I worked with did - they had telephone interviews that were pitching scenarios. It's amazing how many phone phobic PR people there are out there, that rely only on email and are scared to use the phone.

Either way, if Matthew is looking for people in the Bay, I have a couple people that I have worked with that are rockstars....