DPReview and its cool RSS site

From the wonderfully charming Elizabeth Albrycht, comes an article that is about blogs that are cleverly used. Congrats to Albrycht, as her client is one that is profiled.

One of the blogs highlighted in the article is DP Review. Now, I've worked with Phil and DPReview for a long time, and have worked with him on one POP! Public Relations client.

Even before the RSS feeds, DPReview and Phil was a must read for anyone in the digital imaging space. Beyond being a nice guy, his site always had breaking news on digital cameras, had whispers of what was coming out, and was a great resource for all that's digital.

He has done a great job by adding RSS feeds, and because of the feeds, I continue to read his site more than the other photo Web sites. For a site like that, it was a genius move that probably opened his site to more than just the die hard enthusiasts, but to people that wanted the information without visiting his site (instead, just visiting their reader).

Now, if The Onion ever started an RSS feed, I would never need to go Web sites.