Al-Qaeda Hires Public-Relations Consultant

Not from PR Week or O'Dwyer's, but in The Onion today ...

Al-Qaeda Hires Public-Relations Consultant Just To Shoot Him

BAGHDAD—Al-Qaeda operative Mullah Hashem hired Elliot Dobin, a consultant for the Boston public-relations firm Schneider & Koff, for the sole purpose of murdering him, sources reported Monday. "The al-Qaeda have taken such a beating in the press that we figured they wanted to clean up their media image, so we sent our best guy," firm partner Jerry Koff said. "But Elliot had barely shaken everyone's hand when Hashem and his guards shoved him up against the wall and shot him in the back of the head. He didn't even get to show them his PowerPoint presentation." Bergman said he'll confront Hashem about the incident as soon as he figures out a way to spin Dobin's shooting into a positive.

I think the scariest part about the story is that it isn't too far from the truth. There are agencies that take on the less-than-popular clients, and it's something that I have had to weigh for POP! Public Relations before when reached for new business.



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  2. I deleted a comment today, that was anonymous. Part of what confused me was the anonymous posting. It's not like this blog is controversial or hits on controversial issues, but is about public relations.

    The person felt that the Onion story was in bad taste ... maybe not realizing that it came from the Onion, a satrical news Website.

    Are there agencies out there that that story could have been written about? Definitely. Is that a bad thing, that should be brought up? Definitely.