One-on-One with Lizzie Grubman

I have an admitted fascination with Lizzie Grubman, the PR princess of New York City. Okay, I have a school-boy crush on her, there's something fascinating about her.

I think the way she has handled herself post-Hampton's debacle has been amazing - she had Howard Rubenstein handle the crisis for her, realizing that she needed to separate herself from her empire (a lesson that Martha took too late), and has come out of the situation relatively unscathed.

Now, ACB7 has an Eyewitness News: One-On-One With Lizzie Grubman interview with Ms. Grubman. If you don't want to watch the video, you can read interview highlights here.

While I always thought ABC7 was more of a hard news station, the interview is interesting as it shows that in New York, even PR people are celebrities (if they handle celebrities). Beyond some big names in Los Angeles, most LA publicists are pretty unknown, working behind the scenes. In NY, though, the PR people seem to be more out there in the public's eye.

Well, if I ever get into trouble, and need to separate POP! Public Relations from its founder, I can always call up Howard or Lizzie.