Wanna be on TV?

Yesterday, my high school made national news when one former student killed two of his friends.

The shooting happened yesterday morning, and while I did not know the three men well, I have friends that were in their class and the news hit them pretty hard.

Shootings and death are a private thing. People should be able to mourn in private, and not have cameras shoved in their face. On the flip-side, the so-called "close neighbors" and "close friends" that crawl out from under their rocks to appear on television are sickening, dregs of society.

Yes, I understand the "if it bleeds, it leads" mentality for television news, and I have many friends that are television producers in Arizona. But, do we really need to profit from death, or let people whore themselves?

On to another interesting aspect of the killing. The accused's family put out a statement that had "attorney" written all over it. Yes, I believe that attorneys and public relations have a place in such a tragic event - particularly PR, that can be a buffer against the press - but try to make it look natural and not so unfeeling and stilted.