Summertime, and the living ain't easy

Winner for the best non-news news story is ... Summer bummer: Ice cream prices rising.

And, naturally, every news outlet has picked up the AP story and is covering this story and comparing it to the rising prices of gasoline.

Let's be realistic - how many people are going to notice the 10 - 15 cent rise in ice cream? Is this going to lead to a big rush in ice cream purchasing today and the rest of the week? Are the ice cream deprived going to be out in the streets screaming for blood and revenge? Or will it be a replay of the 70's, with long lines at Cold Stone Creamery and 31 Flavors where we wait for the next shipment to come in ... oh, wait, that was for gasoline.

Although, on a pure PR standpoint, POP! Public Relations does respect the efforts and the massive coverage that has been generated.

Thank you Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff for today's Summertime title ...