Gorillaz on my Mind

An interesting little story in today's Washington Post on using the Internet for guerrilla marketing.

It's an interesting article for a couple things - the comment made by Jeff Hicks, president of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, the wonderful creators of Burger King's Subservient Chicken - the porn chicken that has received 150M hits. Hicks comments that "All this is a reaction to the fact that traditional media marketing is crumbling, just crumbling."

Which should give us PR people something to mull over. If the traditional media marketing is crumbling, what does that say for the content? The Chinese Wall between advertising and editorial seems to be crumbling, being led by television's full-frontal attack to incorporate sponsors' products into everything.

POP! Public Relations has always been a big proponent of satellite media tours, which also cross that line of advertorial sometimes. Those SMTs are pitched to morning television shows, and come across as third-party endorsements.

Plus, POP! has always been a big believer in the different outreach programs - guerrilla campaigns work, but they do cost money. Recently, a client came to me and wanted to spend very little money on outreach for a new product (there was no money budgeted for the product). My thought was to make a cut-out of the logo and go tagging throughout Tempe (but with water-soluble paint). You'd create a buzz, and not get into any trouble because water would get rid of the graffiti.

The campaigns referenced in the article are interesting, and are doing what they need to - getting the word out. But, how quickly passe are they going to become when every company tries to do the same thing?

Title from Redman and Gorillaz on the Blade II soundtrack. Great song.