Badump, bump, bump, bump ...

I'm loving it!

Well, just the irony of McDonald's chief Cantalupo dies from apparent heart attack.

While the death of Mr. Cantalupo is very sad indeed, this is going to be a huge test for both internal McDonald's corporate communications team and Golin-Harris, the AOR for Mickey D's.

This is a major test for Golin. They mishandled Mad Cow, and had to be rescued by Burson Marsteller, who handled the majority of Mad Cow work for the beef industry and lead the PR offense campaign.

Can Golin step it up for McDonald's? It's going to be an interesting PR session to watch - here you have the CEO of a company that just introduced a healthy menu for a fast-food icon that is continously attacked for being unhealthy. And, then less than a month later, he falls dead from a heart attack.

Plus, this has to make the powers that be in Golin HQ a little nervous. IPG is going through shakeups, and rumours have been floated that the Golin brand may be on the chopping block - sorta why MWW distanced itself with Golin in the latest IPG annual report. If Golin messes this one up, they might as well kiss their tushies goodbye.