All you can eat ... with Mickey D's Supersize!!

Okay, I'm a little remiss in posting - the past few weeks have been beyond hectic.

First, I got a nice trojan horse from a download - that's all I can figure out, beyond that McAfee bites. I have two computers at my office, and strongly recommend Bullguard for virus protection. I use it for my other desktop computer - the one that sits at the Office outside my firewall, and which I use Skype on - and that program automatically updates the virus definitions all the time. It rocks.

Back to posting on public relations - recently, the good folks at McDonald's announced that they are killing supersize French fries and supersize sodas. Here's the official press release.

While Mickey D's has been getting good press for being first to kill the supersized portions (in response to the growing obesity in America), I can't help but think as a PR person. First, why would any company kill a product that is making them money? Could it be more that people don't get the supersize sodas because most McDonald's have free refills anyway?

Or, was it that Mickey D's realized that they could garner great response with killing two items, showing that they company is committed to fighting the good fight against American obesity.

Us at POP! Public Relations are personally dismayed by the news - the best part of McDonald's was getting a supersized Diet Coke and supersized fries - actually, the only two things I would get there. Personally, I'm an In-N-Out dude.

What a better title than a great song from the Fat Boys? And, while we are at it, please boy your head down for the two members who have passed on - Darren "The Human Beat Box" Robinson from a rare disease, and one of the other members (can't find an article on which one it was).