Ladies First

From the NY Daily News' gossip pages comes ... MTV's next production?: Fresh from its PR disaster at the Super Bowl, I'm told that MTV is getting ready to launch a reality series on the public relations business. The star? None other than publicity queen Lizzie Grubman, who seems to know a thing or two about spinning bad ink into glitz. Grubman declined to comment yesterday, and MTV flacks, still swirling in the maelstrom over the halftime show, didn't return Lowdown's calls.

Those in the publicity and public relations industry know the queen that is Lizzie. Or, those that read the Post or Daily News. For better or worse, she is one of the better known publicists.

But, from what I have heard from people in the industry in New York, her reputation is undeserved, that she is not just some PR bunny, but does work hard. Yes, she had a better leg up setting up her own shop than other people, but you have to give Lizzie credit for doing well and building her practice.

One thing I do hope for, though, is that the MTV people don't edit the hell out the daily grind of public relations, and that the world realizes that it's not Samantha Jones and 5 hour lunches. Gossip is that Lizzie eats her lunch at her desk, like most public relations people I know and have worked with.

Damn, the past week, POP! Public Relations has skipped lunch, and dinner one night, and survived on Diet Coke and Snickers.

Okay, fine, Lizzie fascinates and intrigues me. I admit it.

Ladies First seemed fitting for Ms. Grubman. Give it up for Queen Latifah and Monie Love ...