If I Ruled the World ...

Once again, POP! Public Relations' blog is making its world tour ... this time in the Middle East at the Hemami blog, on a Netherlands Website and on a Tod Mafin's FutureFile, a CBC broadcaster and technology futurist, for my "Arnold Theory."

As an aside, I love the CBC and grew up watching it in Detroit. Sesame Street in English and French, what could be better. Then Hockey Night in Canada, the greatest show on Earth!!

The most interesting, though, is Hemami. As far as I can tell, it is a blog on public relations in the Middle East, and might specifically be located in Iran. As I do not read Arabic, though, these are merely guesses. I am adding the blog to my PR Blog list, because it is a public relations blog and does belong on the sidebar. There are a few other PR blogs that I plan on adding to the sidebar as well ... .

If the blogger of Hemami reads this, email me - let me know where you are, and what type of public relations you are practicing.

I thought some Kurtis Blow would be fitting, and those are just the breaks.