You must learn ... as PR Week updates its site

PR Week unveils a new, to offer up-to-date news items to its readers, and offers a free news-service for non-subscribers.

An interesting move, and one that seems to show that PR Week is going to go head-to-head with the ubiquitous O'Dwyer Website.

This should be fun - the fight of the daily updates between PR Week and O'Dwyer's. If you've watched the fight - and there does seem to be some bad blood between the two publications - they both offer online resources and their print editions. I subscribe to O'Dwyer online, and then get PR Week at home.

Still debating it, so no comments.

If Jack is smart, he'll take this as a wake-up call to update his 1970's look Website. The O'Dwyer site breaks a lot of stories, but it looks dated. If PR Week does its site right, they can finally battle O'Dwyer's on an even keel.

Let's see how this one plays out ... but I hope Jack and John see this as a shot across the O'Dwyer bow and get to battle stations and change the site.

Music from Boogie Down Productions - and a double-entendre. You must learn for the public relations community, as it now has two good news sources. You must learn to O'Dwyer folks, to update the look. As we all know, it's all about appearance.