Wankstas - is this what PR has become?

Looking for the next Samantha Jones ... is how a recent posting on HotJobs characterized public relations.

Great - just what public relations, and it's sibling publicity, needs. A firm that DOES recruiting for PR to ask for the next Samantha Jones. Like our industry does not have enough trouble with credibility issues, here's a firm that should know better than to refer to the business, in a nutshell, as a tradeshow booth babes, and their ilk.

I've worked with publicists, and just like PR is not a glorious job, publicity is even worse. As stressful public relations is, publicity is stressful with unappreciative and abusive clients, with worse pay.

The problem is worse, though, as there are kids entering college that go into public relations, believing that they are going to become the next Samantha Jones. Ask anyone in public relations or publicity (yes, they are different), and the job is not glamorous, and star-filled. Public relations is a career full of long hours, lots of stress, and from what publicists have told me about their side, even more of a 24 hour job since clients will call you all times of the day (and night).

Shame, shame on this recruiting firm, looking for wankstas for PR jobs, when we need more gangsta stars.