Listen to Lee Bang

The recent WSJ column by Lee Gomes - who is always a prognosticator, always an educator, just like KRS-One! - has some very interesting comments for his 2004 outlook on technology.

My first thought reading the column was what public relations person pissed in his Cheerios? The column, one of his best, is filled with a bit of venom. But, as venomous as it might be, it's venom that is rightfully spewed out to the Silicon Valley pundits.

I have my own thoughts on what he wrote, and more to add to his column. Social networking is cool, but come on, whatever happened to the phone? Are people that afraid to meet others that they have to sit by a desktop or notebook computer and meet people only online? A friend's company, TotalMass, is developing some great social networking tools, but their differentiator is that they are mobile - you aren't tied down like a hermit in your office or home, but can meet and network while you are living your life.

The funniest comment, though, has to be Gomes comment on blogging, and who's left to blog. In a recent interview with O'Dwyer's, the publication asked for my forecasts for the 2004 PR economy and editorial changes. I noted that bloggers are important, but not as self-important as they believe. Every hardcore blogger points to the Trent Lott story: if Bloggers didn't keep harpinig on Lott's comments, he'd still be in office. If the mainstream press didn't pick up on the story, it would have never really been a story.

The title today is a rip off of the KRS One / Boogie Down Production's 9mm Goes Bang since Lee is going off on the hype industry today.